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EAS Myoplex (New Formula)

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While it takes a strict, intense, and thorough workout regimen to develop lean and firm muscles, your body also needs a reliable foundation of nutrition in order to help you achieve the best body you are aiming for. Myoplex, in its new formulation, is made to take the variable chances out of excellent, optimum performance needs of proper nutrition, providing your body with protein of the best quality, as well as vitamin and mineral components, and beneficial carbohydrates. Myoplex is an ideal supplement or replacement to the day’s regular meals. Each serving of Myoplex contains forty-two grams of a complex protein combination in order to support your muscles’ lean mass; it is also an excellent source of vitamin and mineral nutrients, not to mention that it is a delicious, flavorful and convenient way to obtain supplemental nutrition for your daily requirements.

Probably the inclusion of whey protein is what makes Myoplex effective in its purpose. Whey protein is the cream of the crop of all proteins. It gives your body all the essential and basic building blocks in order to produce the amino acids required for effectively building muscle tissue. Every seasoned bodybuilder will tell you that protein supplements are a key part in lean muscle building. Both the hormonal and the cellular reactions appear to be exceptionally enhanced when they are supplemented with whey protein. Whey protein has the ideal combination of the perfect makeup of amino acids, and this in just the ideal concentrated amount, for maximum performance within the body.

Whey protein is an essential nutrient for athletes, muscle builders, dieters, and practically everybody who want to stay fit. But it is the bodybuilders and athletes who often exercise, and their body’s level of protein consequently suffers and is slowly depleted by workout. Since whey protein is a direct prerequisite to efficient muscle building, and is also in direct association with necessary amino acids like glutamine, the basic components of topnotch quality whey protein from whey powder can aid a person’s taxed muscles to recuperate and grow quicker by increasing its levels of protein. Those who are dieting and those who are aiming to shed off more than a few pounds will also find whey protein very beneficial, since a good helping of the nutrient can restore blood sugar to stable levels, in direct contrast to carbohydrates, which cause the blood sugar levels to unstably fluctuate. If you want a good source of whey protein in heaped amounts, Myoplex in its all-new formula will surely satisfy your need.

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EAS Myoplex (New Formula), 42 Packets, Chocolate Cream Myoplex New Formula

42 Grams of Protein
Provides Essential Building Blocks for Muscle Gain

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