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MRI Quick Gainer Supplement Reviews

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By definition, being “unique” isn’t unique. Pick any category of dietary supplements. Every product belonging to that category is different from the rest in some way. Statistically speaking, it’s inevitable. Being better than the rest of the supplements in a given category, on the other hand…now that truly is unique.

Every bottle of QUICK GAINER that rolls out of MRI’s manufacturing center has been formulated with one type of athletic body in mind, that of the “Hard Gainer”. There are a lot of Hard Gainers out there, including some of the product formulators and other dedicated employees who work at MRI. This means that we speak from first-hand experience. It also leaves us especially well qualified to build formulas that are not merely unique but also better than the alternatives.

QUICK GAINER™: “Blitzing” The Hard Gainer’s Metabolism

For the Hard Gainer, the struggle to gain muscle mass isn’t so much about stimulating muscle building (anabolic) processes as it is about slowing down the processes involved in causing your muscles to shrink (catabolism). With fast lateral movements and explosive blocking, the QUICK GAINER Anti-Catabolic Mass Complex formula “blitzes” catabolic processes head on, well behind the metabolic line of scrimmage, and from angles that are frequently overlooked by other lean mass gainers. Used as directed, QUICK GAINER gives the Hard Gainer everything he or she needs to slow down muscle tissue catabolism and keep more of the mass gains produced by training:

  • 50 g of catabolism-tackling protein per serving: more than other lean mass gainers
  • contains CORT-AVERT™ technology, a casein hydrolysate with documented anxiety-reducing and sleep-promoting properties: not found in other lean mass gainers
  • 93 g of carbohydrate (only 18% of which is sugar): for maximum muscle glycogen support
  • 8 g of fiber: 60% more than another well-known lean mass gainer
  • 21 vitamins and minerals: to make sure the protein and carbohydrate is put to lean mass-building use
  • 690 Calories: more than other lean mass gainers
  • 1200 mg of potassium (Chocolate Volcano flavor): nearly 3 times the potassium content of another well-known lean mass gainer

The Conquest of (Hard Gainer) Metabolism

The metabolism of the Hard Gainer displays a number of peculiarities that restrict his or her ability to gain lean, hard muscle mass*. QUICK GAINER is formulated to conquer these metabolic peculiarities unlike any other lean mass gainer on the market. Even lifting weights -probably the most anabolic activity you will ever perform-can’t deliver some of the metabolic effects produced by nutrients found in QUICK GAINER.

To be extra convincing, MRI’s food scientists ensured that the shakes you prepare with QUICK GAINER are so richly delicious that your appetite will forget you’re eating something that’s supposed to help you build lean hard muscle mass. You’ll think you skipped over the main course and fell mouth-first into dessert.

Plus, QUICK GAINER contains no trans fats or aspartame. It also has no added creatine so that you are free.

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Re: MRI Quick Gainer Supplement Reviews
Reply #1 on : Sat June 19, 2010, 23:19:09
Overall, judging by the ingredients and nutritional facts, this product seems pretty good. But seeing ingredients such as corn syrup solids, artificial flavors and sucralose, I can't help but pose the question: "C'mon man, are you kidding me?" Cheap, carcinogenic ingredients = cheap product (to say the least!). Thanks but NO THANKS!

MRI Quick Gainer, 5 Lbs., Chocolate Volcano MRI Quick Gainer

50 Grams of Protein Per Serving
One Of The Best Weight Gainers On The Market

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