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EAS CLA - The Ultimate in Health Support and Antioxidant

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The constant talk of free radicals in the health industry has an underlying importance. It is true that free radicals are the prime culprit for the aging process, but they are also responsible for cell breakdown, which is one of the causes of aging in the first place. This is a disadvantage, especially to the athlete who is looking to stack up on lean muscle while shedding the fat. Well, there is a solution to this dilemma in the form of antioxidants. Antioxidants inhibit the spread of free radicals, and retard numerous health-disparaging conditions such as a lowered immune system, high cholesterol, and premature aging. Whether you’re an athlete or a health buff, or just a regular Joe who goes on an occasional nature walk, antioxidants will benefit you in every step of the way. How do you obtain antioxidants? Well, they come from many sources, not the least bit of which is CLA, or Conjugated Linoleic Acid, a natural free fatty acid which is usually found in meat and most dairy products, but in small amounts. CLA was accidentally discovered during the process of finding for mutagen formations within meat while it is cooked.

CLA is a form of the beneficial omega-6 fatty acid, called linoleic acid. The latter is one of the numerous fatty acid compounds which are known as necessary for your health since your body is not able to synthesize them; therefore, they should be acquired either through your diet, or through supplementation. It provides a lot of benefits if taken in sufficient amounts.

CLA is an efficient antioxidant, and is clinically proven to aid in improving your body’s lipid profile and boost your overall health. It is proven to promote an optimized cellular environment in order to improve your health. CLA works three ways to your benefit: it reduces body fat; it enhances the partitioning of nutrients in your diet; and it encourages your body to develop lean muscle mass. CLA is particularly developed for the athlete who wants to shed off body fat. CLA is a big discovery which will make the fulfillment of the purpose much easier and quicker, while providing beneficial effect on the body’s immune functions and its antioxidant status. CLA is usually available in capsule or softgel form, within potencies of 600mg and 1000mg. It is nontoxic and very safe, within the advised dosages.

Complement your training with CLA, boost your regimen, and shed off the fat without compromising your health!

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EAS CLA, 90 Soft Gel Capsules CLA

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