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CB-1 Weight Gainer

What is CB-1 Weight Gainer?

CB-1 Weight Gainer by Supragenix is one of the hottest new weight gain supplements of 2012. Weight gain pills in the past have been scams that were just repackaged vitamins. CB-1 is the first weight gain pill we've seen that actually works, and the feedback has been incredible. Based on the fact that many people don’t see results with weight gain powders and shakes, CB-1 attacks weight gain from a completely different direction. Of course, weight gain comes down to calorie intake. You have to eat more calories than your body burns. When those extra calories get stored, you gain weight. Weight gain shakes are great in the sense that they supply a ton of calories, but they often fail because they kill your appetite. If the shakes fill you up so much that you hardly eat the rest of the day, it does no good. In the end, it’s a wash and you don’t gain a pound.

Does CB-1 Weight Gainer work?

CB-1 works in a completely different way than any other weight gain product we've seen. First of all, CB-1 is not a shake or weight gain bar; CB-1 contains weight gain pills. By activating the appetite control center of the body, CB-1 stimulates hunger, increases the reward response to food, and delays the feeling of fullness. This makes you hungry more often. And once you start eating, CB-1 makes it so you can eat more food before you start feeling full. The end result is that you take in way more calories than normal, which is the secret to successful, rapid weight gain. Combining CB-1 with a high-calorie shake is great way to really ramp up your rate of weight gain, but according to user reports, CB-1 by itself is so potent at increasing appetite and calorie intake that as long as you have plenty of food around, you’re sure to pack on the pounds. But it doesn’t stop there. Many people who can’t gain weight have a fast metabolism. That means the normal chemical reactions that occur inside your body happen at an extra fast rate, and more energy is ultimately lost in the form of heat. When you have a fast metabolism and you eat more calories than your body burns, instead of storing those calories as weight, your body just burns them off. The result is that you can’t gain weight, even when you eat more. CB-1’s unique formula temporarily stops this by signally the body to decrease metabolic rate through a reduction in thermogenesis. CB-1 actually slows down a fast metabolism. While we’ve seen other products claim to do this, CB-1 is the only product that has backed it up with research and results.

How does CB-1 Weight Gainer Work?

CB-1 works in a number of different ways. One of the great things about Supragenix is how much information the company has given about CB-1, the research behind their product design, the mechanism of action, and all of the scientific references. To summarize the research on their website, CB-1 is packed full of special ingredients called isobutylamides (don’t worry about the name – although it sounds technical these ingredients are all-natural, extracted from the roots of two different flowers.) These isobutylamides activate a receptor in the body called CB1 (hence the name of the product). This sends a powerful signal to increase appetite, decrease fullness, and reduce the amount of energy wasted as heat via thermogenesis. The net effect for you is far more calories coming in, fewer calories being burned, and a huge surplus of calorie being stored. This translates to fast weight gain.

CB-1 Weight Gainer Side Effects

CB-1 doesn’t have any side effects. Since the product is herbal, all the ingredients come from plants. We believe there are no better ingredients than what mother nature gives us, right? And not only is CB-1 safe for adults, it's safe for teenagers and even children (as long as they're old enough to swallow a capsule). That’s a good test; if CB-1 is mild enough that kids can take it, you can bet it’s safe for adults. The only people who might have a problem with CB-1 are those with rare allergies to certain flowers in the ragweed family, such as daisies, but even then the side effects are reportedly minor and temporary (such as nausea or headache). Fortunately, CB-1 has an amazing safety record. We've heard of doctors recommending it as a natural solution for patients who don’t want to take weight gain drugs that have harsh side effects.

Is CB-1 Weight Gainer a Scam?

CB-1 is the only weight gain pill we’ve reviewed that’s not a scam. The feedback we've seen from users speaks for itself. On top of that, CB-1 has a 24-hour live-support hotline (which we called and verified), lab-tested ingredients, and a money-back guarantee. Unfortunately, previous weight gain pills on the market were worthless. That's given them a bad name. There are a number of scams we've seen like Vita Salveo, Accelerweight, and Hercuplan. Most are just your average vitamin. One contains an herb that you usually find in weight loss pills. Most have B-vitamins to increase energy, but it makes no sense to include them. B-vitamins would just make you burn more calories with activity, which opposes weight gain. None of them have any ingredients that are linked to weight gain. Of all the products we’ve reviewed, CB-1 is the first weight gain pill that actually has an effect on the endpoints that matter: appetite, metabolism, and body weight.

Where can I buy CB-1 Weight Gainer?

The best place to buy CB1 Weight Gainer is online through the manufacturer’s website. That’s where you get the best deals since it cuts out the middle-man (the supplement stores). The nice thing is that they pass the savings on to you, with things like special pricing or free shipping. Keep an eye out for their best deal, the buy one get one free.


If you’re trying to gain weight, CB-1 is one of the best weight gain pills on the market right now. If you’ve never taken a supplement to help with weight gain, CB-1 is the perfect place to start. And if you want even more rapid results, you can combine CB-1 with one of our top rated protein and weigh-gain shakes. CB-1 is backed by the latest scientific research and is safe for teenagers and adults, men and women. A pleasant surprise we discovered is that if you order CB-1 online from the company’s website, they include a free nutrition guide with your order. The nutrition guide is great because it has a lot of information on what, when, and how to eat to make the most of CB-1. After our comprehensive review, CB-1 earns top marks and makes it to one the Top 3 New Supplements of 2012.

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